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by Petoly Backend 14 Sep 2022

Have you ever thought what has the capacity to protect the furry babies who protect us by virtue? Furthermore, it is not just the physical security we are talking about. These cute four paw angels take care of and protect our cognitive and emotional evolution in a phenomenal manner as well. Aren’t these, as reasons, enough that we take out best selves forward to provide them with the safety they deserve? And when it comes to safety and security there is not better name than Gearbuff.

3 Gearbuff Gears to assist you on a daily basis -

  1. Leash - Gearbuff range of leash is a rope or a belt like structure with a hook at one end and hoop at another to handle the gear worn on the pets. They make for the safest gear for animals, especially pooches. You can always handle a leashed dog better and avoid them from sniffing unpleasant things on the way while you are at walk. Generally, a leash is believed to be your pet’s lifeline since they provide security to them like no other, whether from stray animals, other pets on stroll or automotive. A pet parent is more likely to avoid mishaps, accidents etc. by following the leash law and not letting the furry baby roam out of its’ gear.
  2. Harness – Considered to be the safest to provide the required security along with comfort, Gearbuff range of Harness fit best with Gearbuff leash and even others. Harness is a gear that is worn on the torso of your pet dogs. Since the exertion and pressure applied with the leash fixed on to the harness on your pooch is divided throughout your baby’s torso, it results into lesser pulls, jolts and shocks. Your pets’ neck is also safe and free of harsh pulls, devoided of the unwanted pressure. Gearbuff harnesses are made with superior quality material and are the best choice for pet walking.
  3. Collar – Gearbuff collars are made for a lasting security and a chic look on your furry babies. These are considered easier to be worn and the pets can continue to sport it all the time, even at home. The best thing about the collars is that they offer space for the owner detail tag. However, collars are a great alternative to dog harnesses and the choice is the parents’!

Some common reasons you need to invest in these super gears -

  1. Behavioural training –

A great training aid, you would always need to have a better and stronger hold on your furry friends while they are being taught to behave. Whether inside your home or outdoors, a pet who is being trained is sober on leash and harness. It also proves to be safe for the trainer who your dog may not be totally acquainted to. 

  1. Puppy’s emotional security –

New puppies at home are fearful and may whine due to the new environment they are put into. The change is all too sudden for them and anything that can make them feel protected is more than welcome. Early days of puppy-hood is all about feeling safe with a collar wrapped around its neck which is leashed perfectly and connects the little one with its new master who feeds it.

  1. Enable confidence and mannerism –

The grown up dogs while outdoors, in public need to behave themselves and at the same time not be anxious and afraid of animals, pedestrians and vehicles. The security gears, whether it’s a collar or a harness along with leash enables confidence, mannerism and an air of poise in to your dogs.

  1. Safeguard others –

While you love your pets to the core, there are some who do not and they surely need to be protected too. Fearful, nervous and alarmed as they can get with your little one, you can always have your baby under your control with its leash and harness. Make sure you guys do not end up breaking down other’s peace on the roads.

  1. A safe daily routine –

You cannot skip a few activities while with your favourite fur buddies. Playing fetch and tug, going for strolls together, enjoying exploring the routes during poopy walks; whatever you shall do together it is always better to be safe and sound when there are more people around and not just the two of you.  Chasing animals and strangers on streets, speeding automotive etc. may excite your pooch and they may want to run behind to follow them all. Some little ones love to chase birds sitting low. Amidst these hyper-activities there are chances that your pet also gets lost. Is is therefore advisable to always have them on leash and harness or collar! Additionally, you can also control where they poop and potty!

  1. Social circle security –

There is a growing need for the puppers party and get-togethers. No wonder we have so many unique pet cafes, spas etc. come up in the recent past. Much like us, a groovy social life for our little pets is equally important too. While they meet new friends and go new places, to have them secured with a leash and harness is an absolute requirement.

  1. Being a good host –

Some guests aren’t animal friendly at all. Moreover, since our buddies are strong on their instincts they quickly figure out that they aren’t being too liked by the guests at home. Such a scenario might invite some agitations from your pet and they may want to force themselves on the people you are hosting. Have them tied up to avoid any mishaps with both the parties – your paw-bud and the guests.

  1. Courteous to the neighbours –

Your neighbours may like your family including your furry angel but if they do not? Our pets love to roam free and they are susceptible to fleeing at the slightest opportunity. It’s quite common in dogs and cats to run away while your house doors are open and the closest they can run into is your neighbourhood. The general squabbles the Indian society has seen is when your pet has ran down to your neighbours only to come back relieved – making it dirty and unhygienic for them. You can avoid this by securing them with the gears from Gearbuff

  1. Festivities –

Indian festivals are loud. Whether firecrackers during Deepavali or loud rhythmic drums during other festivals, it is all too loud for your baby to handle. Make them feel secured and close to you by strapping them to the best Gearbuff Harness and Leash. No more fear or hiding!

  1. Strengthens the bond between you and your pets-

Because a leash is something that keeps you and your little buddy connected, it is believed that you can build a stronger bond together with your pets with the help of these security gears. It is also because you have a better control of your pets and direct them well when they are secured with harness and leash that makes them feel closer to you!

 Do you have more reasons to invest in Gearbuff leash, harness and collar? Let us know!

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