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by Petoly Backend 09 Sep 2022

Do you love to wander around with pets? Well, we know many who do. Whether you choose to picnic in lush greenery, cruise, go on a hike or select to take a fascinating beach vacay, having your pet by your side is an incredibly thrilling experience. If you have been traveling extensively with your pets ever since they were young, you definitely have transformed them too into avid travellers. The grown up pets who haven’t travelled too far and wide with you might take some time to get accustomed and comfortable with going distances. However, they can soon start loving the experience too. The only thing required out of you is being a keen pet parent who knows to travel smart with furry companions.

Here are a few things that can help you have a Bon Voyage along with a companion like no other – ‘you very own fur buddy!’

  1. Leash, Harness and Collar

New place, new people, unknown surroundings. You aren’t really sure about the unanticipated outside factors and so is your pooch who may feel anxious due to several reasons. Not all furry souls are comfortable with the newness. In some cases we have seen them flee without turning back or even wanting to attack another dog with different temperament. Even though you are prepared to face every challenge in your own capacity, some gears like leash, collar and harness are universal saviours for every pet family. Gearbuff leash, collar and harness are the most chosen and are believed to be quite sturdy. Made with high quality materials, each of these is extremely comfortable and pet skin safe. The only way to figure out the suitability of these safety pet accessories is by the way they fit your furry friend. Gearbuff accessories are adjustable and are available in different sizes to fit any breed and any size of dogs and cats. No more worrying about your anxious or uncomfortable pet while you are traveling together. With the right set of Gearbuff leash and harness you can always keep a tab on your most cherished travel buddy.

  1. Pet training mats and pads –

Pet training sheets are the most reliable while traveling with pets. They are multifunctional and can be used in a variety of ways. If you are traveling with a young doggo or a mature one, Maissen Pet Dry Sheet is one thing you cannot skip. These are reusable, washable and quick dry mats with the capacity to soak up extremely well. In case you are in a hotel room and cannot step out too frequently with your baby, you can use these as pee pads. You may also line these super useful sheets with the pet bedding or couch and mattress to protect them from getting dirty. We recommend you carry at least a couple of these Pet Dry Sheets from Maissen. Line your pets’ kennel, your car seat while you are in transit.

  1. The best Hygiene Hack

You can ignore anything but Hygiene around your pets while moving around with them. As a smart pet parent, you must be ready with all your quick fixes and Bathright Pet wipes will rightly support you with that. With the natural element of Aloe Vera and fresh lavender essence in these wet wipes, you wouldn’t miss the hygiene you could so easily keep at home. Smelly pet who hasn’t had a chance to bathe for a few days during the travel? Need to spot clean their paw pads since they just ran into a lot of mud and filth? Have they rolled themselves up on wet grass or sat on barren land? Easy! Just give them a gentle swipe with Bathright Pet Wipe wherever needed and you are sorted! These gentle wipes can give you a soft cleansing experience and also fight toughest stains on your pet. Get rid of the dirty pet smell too and have the freshness lingering on to your little champ’s body always. 

  1. Grooming quick fix

Want to keep your furry friends coat and skin condition in check while outside? Bathright Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can help you with fixing it right in an instant. Simply carry your pet brush along, apply a little quantity of oil to your pooch’s body, give a gentle massage and brush the fur coat from top towards outward. This process will help your little one get rid of excess lose hair all at once. You will not have to spend time cleaning and tidying up the hotel space or car seat with excess hair fallen in every corner. Say cheers to your baby who looks groomed and cleansed.

 Another fix you would be able to make with Bathright Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is managing your furry angel’s skin that may have trouble adjusting to the new climatic zone. You may expect to have better, nourished and hydrated skin with the oil at all times, especially winters. Avoid using too much of oil during summers or general hot days.

  1. Cat Litter and hygiene

Your feline friend loves hygiene, isn’t that true? Cats are known to help themselves pretty well with the kind of cleanliness they want for themselves. Cat Litter is one thing you would need to carry along when traveling with your kitty. Maissen Activated Cat litter, made with bentonite clay is unscented & clumping litter that doesn’t create any breathing hazards for you or your cat. It is a low dust formula and comes in safe packaging. The smooth textured litter doesn’t get stuck to your kitty paws neither do they get stuck between the paw pads only to spread around your house. It is easy for you to maintain the litter box by removing the clumps and refilling it again with fresh litter as and when required. You may opt buying a smaller pack that can be carried around easily.

  1. Treats

Alongside food for your angel, treats play an important role too. While you want to relish on your mid meal or evening snacking, your pet may also want to deal with the hunger pangs. Therefore, a pack of healthy and nutritious treat is inevitable. Nutribles Himalayan Dog Chew, crafted with real Himalayan Yak and Cow Milk is high on protein, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, D and B12. These chews are worth carrying during your traveling since they are odourless and non-staining. There is one for every pooch of different size and weight. You can look for more directions while making your purchase. The second variant, Himalayan Dog Chew with real Turmeric is also a great option for your pet.

  1. Interactive Smart Toys

Toys play an important role since they relieve your paw buddies from boredom. Boredom can eventually lead to behavioural disorders. Even when you plan to travel with your pets, there could be times when you have other activities in your agenda and your baby cannot accompany you. Some interactive toys can really help you help them during such moments. To have your pet indulge with a slow feeder is a great idea too. They can spend hours playing and picking up on treats in there! It is also a brilliant idea to play with your pets with the toys as and when you find time. There is no better way to get along and bond with them than playing together with toys.

Are you a smarter pet parent? Would you like to share some fascinating travel stories with us of traveling together with your pets? Do so by commenting here and we would be more than happy!!

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