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by Petoly Backend 15 Sep 2022

Having a pet at home is a significant decision and a responsibility that requires a great deal of commitment and monies. While many of us live a fast paced life we also want to have ‘living stress busters’ like pets to welcome us back home after a challenging day or keep us entertained on the weekends. It is undoubtedly an era of being pet parents who can tactfully take up their pets’ responsibilities with smart, money saving products to support. 

Are on a constant look out for such clever products that can replace your need of buying several other things to use for taking care of your furry babies? This may also help you avoid burning a hole in your pocket ! Maissen Pet Dry Sheets are an excellent choice for you like countless other pet fams. You may, alternatively want to call these sheets Potty, Pee or Piddle training Pads too.

Here are 11 ways you save on a lot of money with the Smart Maissen Pet Dry Sheet -

  1. Multi-use sheets –

Maissen Pet Dry Sheet stays with you, serving your pet through multiple needs. Once you start using these reusable training pads, you may figure out a few more creative ways to make use of it, in your unique style. The experts also tell that one Maissen Pet Dry sheet can be used for up to 100+ times since they are washable and reusable. Thus, you may even save your money.

  1. No buying those disposable diapers –

Buying diapers, using them and trashing those stands as a task for most pet parents. In addition to increasing the amount of garbage at home, you also have, not so proud upper hand in exploiting the environment since it is all about surging the ever-growing dumping yard with non-biodegradable waste. With Maissen Pet Dry Sheets you are investing in something you may use wash after wash, no need to trash after one use! This saves you a great deal of money. Moreover, diapers aren’t too advisable for dogs since they may develop rashes etc. being too close to their skin and coat.

  1. Incontinence in senior dogs and pregnancy -

One has to be extremely careful about pets as they age. The female dogs on heat also need a lot of attention. They cannot be as active and bouncy as young pups and need to stay at a place for as much as possible. A pet dry sheet may keep them good by allowing them to relieve at home without spreading any stink. These sheets provide a very soft and smooth handle that can provide maximum comfort when lined with their bedding or pet furniture without dirtying the space.

  1. Cannot be shredded by your pets –

We experience a lot of our bedding, sheets, pet toys go for a toss since our furry friends love to scratch and dig at things. These little angels, afterall aren’t always cute. They may become aggressive and destructible when bored or while experiencing newness in their environment. Since Maissen Pet Dry Sheet is made with high quality materials, these do not wear off easily despite of all those scratching – digging turmoil. Disposable pads can be easily shredded. These sheets undoubtedly can save you money!

  1. Odour blocker –

Ever brought in room fresheners or air purifiers to mellow down that irksome pet smell, urine stink? Many pet parents use essential oils or aroma oils to rid their homes of the smell but Maissen Pet Dry Sheet helps you eliminate not just the eww smell but also on lose hair that may randomly take every corner of your house. No more stress of shelling extra money trying to hack down the stink! One pet dry sheet comes to your rescue!

  1. Quick dry –

Now that we know the benefits of owning some Pet Dry Sheets and you are contemplating how many to buy at once, take it easy! Even if you plan to invest in a single dry sheet initially, you will still be organised. Maissen Pet Dry Sheet dries up in an instant after you wash and line them under sunlight. This makes it easy for you to survive with just a single sheet and until you plan to invest in another. Save money, buy just one sheet to put organised.

  1. Travel companion –

Do you aspire for hygiene when you travel with you pets? Well, who doesn’t? You can put this pet dry sheet to multiple use while you travel together. Spread on the car seat as a cover, line their crate, kennel or bedding. If you are a guest with a pet, worry not still. You will be away from stressing about fallen pet fur, claw scratch or tear and the pesky awkward smell. This multifunctional travel companion can definitely save you many bucks. 

  1. Hygiene Partner –

If you are wondering, a Pet Dry Sheet can function as a lot many things. A mat for your pet food bowl stand, cat litter, couch cover, pet furniture, kennel and crate lining. You may use these as comfortable car seat cover, portable bedding sheet etc. too when you travel. Maissen Pet Dry Sheet is here to make your life easier by spending less on different pet needs for daily use.

  1. Easy to train your pup at home –

Many small and delicate breeds of dogs may not need to undergo rigorous training with the animal behaviour experts whilst young. As pups, they may be easily trained at home by us. As a fact, cats need lesser training anyway. Pet dry sheet is your best aid for training young pups at home. You can follow simple steps and have your pets follow your common cues in order for them to be absolutely trained.

  1. Avoid tracking for kitties –

Depending on the kind of litter granules you have been using for your kitty, there are chances they stick between your kittys’ paws and eventually spread all round your house. You may consider using Maissen Activated Cat litter that avoids tracking and secondly spread the Pet Dry Sheet under the Litter Box to lessen the chances of spilling granules far and wide in to your neat house. The sheet is hygiene friendly and like we said you can have endless creative uses of it.

  1. Pets with mobility issues –

Maissen Pet Dry Sheet is a blessing in disguise for the pets who aren’t as mobile due to physical limitations. Some pets have mobility limitations due to old age and cannot be taken to frequent walks. Have them trained to relieve themselves on these dry sheets. Not only will you have a cleaner home but also lesser smell of poop and urine. You do not need a nanny for your pets neither do you want to invest in any air refreshing products when you have these magical pet sheets on you!

Sick dogs and physically ailing dogs may stink since they are on medication. Maissen Pet Dry Sheet can help you avoid an unpleasant home environment.

We are sure you know more ways of using these clever, money saving Maissen Pet Dry Sheets. Do share your brilliant ideas with us!
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