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Are your pets benefiting your senior parents at home?

by Petoska IN 25 Sep 2023
Are your pets benefiting your senior parents at home?

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Over the recent years, the bond between humans and their pets has significantly grown than ever before. From cuddly cats to loyal dogs and even more exotic companions like birds and rabbits, pets have become an integral part of our lives. Pet ownership has evolved, transcending the boundaries of age and societal norms. Today, more and more senior citizens are inviting pets into their homes. This trend isn't limited to creating joys for the younger generation; it's also making a great impact on senior citizens.

Here are seven enchanting ways elderlies benefit from having pets around-

1.  Increased Socialization:

Seniors often experience social isolation, especially if they live alone. Pets, particularly dogs, encourage social interaction.

Taking a dog for a walk can lead to spontaneous conversations with other pet owners, fostering a sense of community.

2.  Exercise:

Owning a pet encourages physical activity. Daily walks, playing fetch, or even grooming pets can help seniors stay active, enhancing their physical health. These activities together also benefit the pets as much as it does to the parents. Your furry baby starts to associate with you more. It is easier for them to build trust with you when they feel being taken care of.

3.  Emotional Support:

Pets are excellent listeners and offer unconditional love. They provide a sense of purpose and reduce stress and anxiety levels, significantly benefiting mental health. In fact many studies also reveal that pets have the power to understand the moods and emotional state of their foster parents. They will often come to be by your side if they feel you are feeling under the weather. And, that means a lot.

4.  Companionship:

While the adult kids play their roles, loneliness can be sapping for seniors. Having a pet provides constant companionship, reducing feelings of isolation and depression. Some best moments our senior parents may experience is when the furry baby is literally their shadow, stalking them all the time. Some pets may even want to follow you inside the washroom. No offense, but that’s how connected they feel to you.

5.  Routine and Responsibility:

Taking care for a pet helps to establish a daily routine and a sense of responsibility. The little fuzzball may lead them into following a disciplined lifestyle and practicing timeliness with all the pet-care they deserve in a day.

Feeding, treating, playing, exercising, walking - this structure can in fact help seniors maintain their cognitive functions and sense of purpose in life.

6.  Happiness:

The sheer joy of seeing a pet's responses, wagging tail or hearing their purring can elevate one's mood. Pets are a source of endless smiles and laughter. Looking at their activities, reactions, responses and so much more can ease out your senior parents in an instant.

7.  Sense of Security:

Having a pet at home, particularly a vigilant dog, can provide elderly individuals with a reassuring sense of peace and confidence, as these animals can alert them to potential hazards or unwanted intrusions.

Interdependent Bond

While pet parents, especially the seniors enjoy the vibrant environment with pets, pets also have the opportunity of thriving in loving environments.

They receive the care, attention, and affection they deserve, leading to healthier and happier lives.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers found that pet ownership among seniors led to a 36% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and a 28% reduction in the risk of death from any cause. These statistics highlight the profound impact pets can have on senior citizens' lives.

Doggies fortify their parent’s well-being

During the pandemic families found themselves confined to their homes. When the lockdown forced people to spend long hours at home, it was all the more isolating for the elderlies who missed their far away kids, families, relatives and friends. This was when many families, including seniors decided to adopt or get pets home who helped fill their lives with companionship, laughter and joy.

It was then that many families & senior parents realized the pawsitive impact that a furry friend can have on their lives. Pets not only help combat loneliness but also improve overall well-being.


Disclaimer - The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.


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