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7 Heart-Warming Pet Cafes in India Brewing Perfect Love for Your Pets

by Petoska IN 30 Sep 2023
7 Heart-Warming Pet Cafes in India Brewing Perfect Love for Your Pets

International Coffee Day Special

In recent years, the rise of pet-friendly cafés, a heart-warming trend has been taking the world of pet lovers by storm. These cheery places are a unique opportunity for pets and their parents to enjoy their favourite brews while also sharing quality time with other furry companions. On the occasion of International Coffee Day, celebrated on October 1st, let's take a closer look into the exiting world of pet cafés in India. These establishments provide a safe and enjoyable environment for both two-legged and four-legged customers to socialize, unwind, and create lasting memories.

So, grab a cup of your favourite coffee and let's explore some of the best pet cafés across India! Just in case you are a frequent traveller who happens to be in one of the cities with a pet café this International Coffee Day, you can be assured to combat the feeling of loneliness. And of course, if the city you live in has a pet café, do not wait. Add some spark to your day by taking your pet out or meeting other fur buddies and their parents!

1.  Café Pefe, Mumbai

This café is situated in Andheri Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai. Café Pefe is a true haven for pets and the dog lovers located alongside a wonderful pet store named Ohh my dog. The café Pefe offers a delectable selection of food for humans like Mocha Coffee, Mixed Sauce Pasta, Guava Juice, Latte, and a dedicated menu for their doggos. While you indulge in delicious meals, your four-legged friend enjoys a playful and interactive experience with other dogs. Café Pefe is the perfect spot for a family evening out or a memorable date filled with belly rubs and snoot boops. Remember to carry your pet’s favourite non-toxic toys from Gearbuff, easily washable after an outing, to make this cafe trip more memorable.

Don't forget to treat the resident dogs to some goodies; they'll undoubtedly win your heart! You may take along healthy treats like Nutribles Himalayan Dog Chew or pretty Gearbuff collars to delight the in-house furry souls.

2.  Summer Garden Café, Mumbai

Located in Powai, Mumbai, this cafe proudly stands as one of the pioneering pet-friendly cafes. Take your furry baby along, or accompany a friend who has a four-legged companion, for a delightful double date and feast together! This charming cafe offers an extensive menu that caters to both human and furry peeps, making it the ideal destination for pet lovers seeking relaxation and quality time with their beloved pets. Summer Garden Cafe offers a diverse menu featuring an array of delectable options, ranging from sandwiches and salads to pizzas, pastas, and delectable desserts.

So, whether you're seeking a serene spot to enjoy a coffee or a pet-friendly cafe to spend time with your furry companion, Summer Garden Cafe has it all. Although this café is pet-inviting, you would want to secure them and keep them comfortable with a lovely Gearbuff leash and Gearbuff harness!

3.  Puppy cuddles dog café, Mumbai

This is a simple yet fun place located in Bandra, Mumbai. If you are a pet lover, especially a dog lover you may want to visit this place that houses different breeds of doggos and pups. They charge you on hourly basis in case you want to meet and spend some great time with their doggo fam! Do not worry if you cannot foster a pet at home. You can still benefit from meeting these cute furry babies adding loads of excitement in your life.

4.  Cat Café Studio, Mumbai

Cat Café Studio, situated in Versova, Mumbai, is a unique place that blends the charm of a café with a heartfelt commitment to stray cat welfare. Over the years, Cat Café Studio transformed into a dedicated rescue and adoption center for stray cats. They are now a bustling café and adoption hub that accommodates 15 to 20 adoptable cats at any given time. The café also established The Feline Foundation which is an NGO overseeing all rescue and care-related operations. Here, every cat is taken care of and each of them eagerly awaits a loving forever home. It’s a place where coffee, community, and love for cats come together in harmony.

5.  Café Joshua, Pune

Café Joshua in Pune is a beloved pet-friendly café that offers scrumptious finger foods for humans and special treats for pets. Named after the owner's Labrador, Joshua, this café is a paradise for pet owners looking to bond with their furry companions. From sugarless cakes to enticing toys, Café Joshua has it all to keep your pets happy and engaged. You may want to bring your pet’s own toys to play with. Gearbuff toys are absolutely adorable and suit the occasion of a date morning or evening.

6.  TherPUP Dog Café, Bengaluru

Located amidst nature in Whitefield, Bengaluru, TherPUP Dog Café provides a relaxing environment with good food and quality time with fur buddies. You will be greeted with a warm welcome from in-house puppies and dogs of different breeds, including the Indies making it one of the most loved places to unwind and soak up some fresh air in company of the furry folks. The café's charming hand-painted dog murals add to the delightful ambiance.

7.  The Love Room, Kolkata

Also known as Kolkata’s first pet-friendly cafe, The Love Room doesn’t only welcome your furry companions but also boasts an in-house family of nine dogs and some feline friends. You can have a great time engaging with this loving furr community and also get your pet to play around with them. However, you would have to follow some guidelines as you get your pets here. One of them is having your pet on leash all the times and could there be any leash better than THIS ONE!!  The second guideline is ensuring they are not infested by bugs. You may try Bathright flea and tick spray for all pets.

Enjoy their delectable menu specially tailored for your canine friends. This place also serves doggy beer. They also have an extensive menu for humans. This can be your perfect getaway if you are a pet lover wanting to spend some quality time around them.

As we celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1st, let's not forget our loyal canine companions who also deserve a café time-out. Pet cafés in India have become a hub for fostering connections, creating memories, and ensuring our pets have a place to enjoy with us. So, whether you're sipping coffee with your dog in Mumbai, cuddling adorable puppies in Bengaluru, or sharing a snack with a rescue cat in Mumbai, these pet-friendly cafés provide a heartwarming experience that truly celebrates the bond between humans and animals. You may pick that one place close to where you live and make your coffee date a delightful and memorable one—for both you and your beloved pet.

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