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by Petoska IN 14 May 2023

International Family Day Special

A recent news article talked about how an Indie doggo, brought to a renowned school in Mumbai by the principal helped bring about a lot of positive transformations in the conduct of the students. This rescued furry friend named Frankie who took up as a therapy dog in school, came in the campus after winning the green lights from the student’s parents. Ever since there has been a noticeable difference not only in the behaviour of the students but also in their relationship of mutual respect & love with each other and with Frankie too.

The principal who’s worked with and for ‘rescue dogs’ in the past exclaims that dogs are essential for kid’s emotional and mental well-being and they must be taught how to behave around dogs. This may also result in lesser dog-human accidents.

Here are some top qualities your kids may develop if they have an opportunity of growing up around pet dogs -

1.  Self-assurance

Pet care can teach kids a lot of emotions and moreover imbibe a feeling of strong self-esteem as they successfully take their furry friends’ charge. The appreciation they receive from their parents in response to being attentive towards pets adds on to the self-esteem.  The age-appropriate activities around pets can help them feel a sense of pride. It could be walking the pets or serving them water in the pet bowl.

2.  The art of nurturing

Generally, in a household with pets, either dogs or cats, every member has a shared responsibility. Pets are dependent on us and we are all they have. When kids learn to take responsibility of their little furry friends they are developing themselves as nurturers.

Having learnt this art of nurturing, at a later stage in their lives extends to other people too. They are able to understand and care for others, mainly different age groups too.

3.  Stability

Our pets always surround us, no matter what. They understand our emotions and as research proves, they can gaze whether we are in a happy or low state. Kids naturally pick up on things they feel good about. First, they learn to stick to their people unconditionally, much like their pets do. Second, by feeling accepted by their pets whether or not they topped the class gives your kids a sense of stability. The pet would still welcome your kid home with the same level of excitement. Not criticising or not being judgemental is an act they learn from their furry friends.

4.  A healthy cognitive development

Did you know that some animal rescue programs involve children who practise reading out loud to the dogs?

It is said to benefit both, kids and dogs. Conversing with pets can bring about many positive results.  Instructing them, talking to them, praising them may help to upgrade their rationale.

It’s a cherry on cake when the pets too start to respond to the children. This experience becomes a motivating factor for both the parties involved.

5.  Contentment

Interacting with pets in different forms like playing, talking, caring can strengthen their focus. This may also reduce stress levels in kids. Reading is said to be one of the activities too that can lessen stress, not only in kids but also in adults. That’s where happiness comes from. Researchers also report that playing with a pet increases serotonin and dopamine levels, which calm the mind and enhance mood.

6.  Strength

While outdoors, kids learn to deal with many things while walking them, playing with them or simply running around. Nothing can compare when children understand how to protect their paw-buddies when outdoors from other animals, vehicles or people. In addition, they also learn to be cautious about their pets causing harm to others around. Since they have ran into dirty grounds, bushes, around trees; it only develops their strength and stamina. This may also reduce their chances of developing allergies.

7.  Discipline

Your Doggo needs to stick to its routine. We must understand that our pets have set themselves to the timings that we organised for them at first, so we better stick to the timeliness. Meals, treats, play, potty and pee walk, meeting friends outside – everything must follow by the clock.

When kids take their turns of attending to their pet needs, they come out polished and disciplined. This quality will extend to other activities they do too.

There are many dog behaviorists, trainers and therapists, clinical psychologists who have been conducting workshops for children and adults both to teach them the nitty-gritties of dealing with animals, especially dogs – both pets and strays.

If you have more experiences around your kids growing up around pet dogs, do share with us so we share it forward.


Disclaimer - The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.
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