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5 Top Reasons For Women To Adopt Female Pets

by Petoska IN 06 Mar 2023
5 Top Reasons For Women To Adopt Female Pets

A lot is being spoken about the importance of self-care and self-love in our lives. It is all the more important for the community of women who are well known for their undivided love, affection and empathy. Ladies have always been known and respected as life-givers, nurturers, and caretakers. To that end that they often forget to take good care of themselves.

The times are now changing. And the team-women has started to make efforts to indulge more in what makes them happy. Many have started to associate the realization of happiness goals with owning a furry baby. Could there be anything more therapeutic than having a pet alongside? This International Women’s Day you can mark a start to discovering unconditional love that comes from your pet.


How do pets equal happiness for women?

Pets are a guaranteed source of delight since they have the ability of landing women in to doing what’s best for them. If you have been lazy in picking yourself up, a pet can unbeatably charge you up. Plus, there are other advantages too.

Look at a few winning reasons that a pet can be your source of umpteen joy and benefits -

A.  You are able to stretch your fitness horizons by daily walking or running. This can keep your health and mood in check.

B.  You get chances to socialise with like-minded, pet-loving people.

C.  A pet is a bundle of fancy drills – running, hopping and loads of sloshy kissies. You definitely have more reasons to giggle and smile merely by looking at your furry baby’s activities.

D.  If you end up feeling lonely at times and got nothing on your ‘to-do,’ your furry love will turn up as your forever companion who’d play your shadow around your house and will never leave your side even if you feel under the weather.

E.  Last, studies prove that dog parents come across as more attractive and the society tends to trust them a level more than they would otherwise trust other people. This is such since dog owners are likely to be more caring, compassionate and loving individuals.

Scientifically, owning a pet can help you in dealing with stress, gloom and several diseases. Studies also indicate that owning a female pet is far more significant for women than owning a male. 


Significance of female pets –

1.  Easily trained – It is a well-known fact that girl-doggies respond well to training. They also socialize better. The reason can be that your female dog reaches its’ puberty and a fully-grown body weight sooner than its male counterparts. It is easier for them to pick up commands and respond since they mature earlier. They might also respond well to the appointed trainer since they are friendly and welcoming towards strangers. 


2.  The female connect – Like they say women are from Venus, both you and your female pet are likely to associate with each other better. In your heart, you understand about the menstrual cycle, heating period, and the moods of a girl child. You also would have to make sure they are well leashed and protected when walking down.


3.  More independent - Typically female dogs are less needy of attention and that makes them a little more independent than their other counterpart. That being said, they too enjoy long cuddles but they have a tendency to withdraw when they need some alone time. They will not want your attention all the time and can manage on their own. A male will usually do everything to take every ounce of your love and attention.


4.  Better with kids – A male doggo will look at your kids as their play-mates and can be a little heedless at times. However, a female doggy will be gentler and kinder to the younger ones. This comes naturally to them since they tend to be more protective and careful too.

While the males will want to play and engage with kids they can accidently also hurt your babies without even realizing they have caused a damage. A female, however friendly, is much more relaxed and will know her limits of engagement.


5.  A good furry woman – A female is calm and would generally get accustomed to what goes on in the house without much fuss. They do not have the temperament for territorial spraying. It is generally believed that they have the ability to hold their bladders for longer. You will find them getting nervous easily and they might not show any signs of unnecessary aggression. This demonstrates lesser behavioral challenges in them.


Well, there are certain thing you must know before you plan to become a female pet parent. They are expensive to buy as compared to the males so jump in at any opportunity of adopting them. You would have to bear the expenses of neutering them. Their heat cycles are longer but you will most likely be able to manage without any stress. It is a natural phenomenon.  

On the whole, it is a brilliant idea for a woman to adopt a female dog. You got to prepare yourself for the responsibilities but they have some big-deal transformative powers over your life! Happy International Women’s Day.


Disclaimer - The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.

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