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One True Santastic Gift on Holidays for Adopted Fur Buddies

by Petoska IN 22 Dec 2023
One True Santastic Gift on Holidays for Adopted Fur Buddies

Decoding and Discovering Pet-Talks

But first… meet Roger

Today Roger is 5. He was pulled apart from his mom and siblings when he was a little pup. He remained clueless while being picked from the streets and taken to a shelter. He lived aloof, not knowing what affection, kindness and love would mean until he was adopted by a family 2 days before Christmas. It was then that Roger found a home but his hooman family had a different story to tell – Roger didn’t just find a home, he turned the house to home by pulling everyone together in heart and spirit.

Today Roger’s eyes gleam with hope and every day is a new beginning for him. Clearly, the excitement and joy is no different for his hoomans too. Especially when the Christmas arrives every year and Roger’s presence is celebrated like a gift from Santapaws!

Adopting in the season of love and gratitude

As the year draws to a close and festivities begin, more and more people look forward to adopting pets from shelters and rescue organizations. The excitement of bringing a new furry family member home during the holidays is truly magical. For some it is an opportunity to kick start a New Year with compassion, empathy, and positivity.

If you are a new or existing pet parent there could not be a better time to solidify the bond than during this season of love and gratitude.

Decoding and discovering the talks of your adopted fuzzball

This holidays the start of your journey with a new furry friend can be filled with discoveries, laughter, and unending companionship. Whether you're learning the facts of translating a wagging tail or relishing the calming purrs of your feline friend, the experiences that await are bound to be extraordinary. Here is all you need to know about your newly adopted pet dog or cat’s language.

Decoding your Pet doggos language


A dog with a high, fast wagging tail is likely thrilled to see you and surely deserves a chew toy. It’s all about excitement, happiness or anticipating something entertaining.

Where a low wagging would mean your baby doggo is unsure, submissive or uncertain; stiff wagging could express aggression or alertness. You may keep them safe with a sturdy harness and leash.

Ears - Forward ears indicate curiosity or excitement whereas backward or flattened may mean fear, submission, or aggression.

Eyes - If they give a soft gaze it would mean they are relaxed and content. You’d find your fuzzball give gentle glare often when they are comfortable and at ease. If they stare strongly, you may perceive it as a challenge or aggression.

Body Posture - You will probably figure out when your fur buddy is relaxed from it’s posture. When anxious or stressed they may come across as stiff or uneasy quite naturally. If your pet is crouching, they may be trying to appear smaller and less threatening, expressing fear or submission. They express calmness with a pleasant face and mouth alternatively, they may show signs of aggression or warning by baring teeth. Oh, here is a brilliant teeth and mouth cleanser for your furry angel – Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

A paw lift most naturally would mean playfulness but if they are licking their paws they may be hurting or feeling anxious.

Whining or Barking

Quite similar to humans, a high-pitched bark may indicate excitement, while a low, growling bark can signal aggression. Different barking tones may indicate different emotions.

Cracking the kitty codes

Tail - Your kitty’s upright it may mean excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation. A puffed-up tail may signify wanting to appear larger to potential threats. To show affection, they may wrap their tail wrapping around another animal or hooman.


If your feline friend is slowly blinking looking at you it may mean trust and affection. This is mostly experienced by the kitty’s owners. Dilated Pupils may indicate fear, excitement, or aggression

Ears - Forward leaning ears may show their curiosity or interest. They may do this when they are in their investigating mode. Alternatively, backward or flattened ear position may indicate their fear or aggression.


This may mean multiple things and one can interpret the real reason behind them purring with the situation the kitty is in at that very point. It may mean contentment and even pain or distress.

If you are playing together and your kitty purrs she may be expressing happiness but if they constantly purr for no good visible reason, you got to investigate.

Hissing or growling kind of sound made by your kitty connects to warning off potential threats. Keep them safe with a durable leash.


Kneading is a common act where your kitty baby pushes its paws in and out against a soft surface, and it may mean being happy or affectionate. You may offer them some amazing toys.

When a cat head-butts you, it's a gesture of love and trust. That’s how they try to mark their territory - marking you with their scent, claiming you as their own.

In addition to understanding what your pets intend to tell you may also enhance your bond with them by committing to daily walks, introducing stimulating toys, or creating a cozy spot exclusively for them.

Customized collars and tags are not just stylish but also keep them safe from going missing. You may gift them some best known safety gears like leash and harness. A comfortable and luxurious pet bedding will add a touch of individuality, making your pet feel cherished and special.


Disclaimer - The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.
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