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by Petoska 09 Sep 2022

Ever tried creative ways to feed your furry friends with what is crucial for their health and well-being? It is suggested by many pet nutritionists to feed them different edibles coming from your home kitchen and not just the commercially sold food packets. Many pet parents love to serve their babies vegetables, fruits and broth. Ofcourse you have to keenly look into what does and doesn’t suit them at all.

Well, whichever kind of food you want to offer them, how about intensifying its’ nutritive value? It’s simple, just add a little quantity of Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to their meals and experience the magic for yourself. There are multiple ways of introducing this super-food to your little one’s lifestyle. However, let us first understand why you must! 

Super-Food for pets                         

Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is crafted consciously. The fresh milk of Organically Harvested Coconuts are cold processed into making of this health enriching oil. Following are a few benefits that will encourage you to make use of this oil frequently for your pets -

  1. It is the most dependable and natural source of Lauric Acid that has umpteen health benefits for your pets. It enhances their wellbeing and also energises them for an active lifestyle.
  2. Overall the medium chain fatty acids present in Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil are known for potentially providing a better growth and development for our buddies.
  3. A general supplement recommended by vets, Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil may take care of smooth bodily functions and support a daily healthy living.
  4. The name – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - has it all. It is organic, virgin and it is edible COCONUT OIL meant specifically for our furry angels. No harmful chemicals, no unwanted additives – colour, flavour, fragrance. There is absolutely nothing artificial about this oil.
  5. This versatile super food may keep your little buddies fit internally that automatically reflects externally on their skin that is hydrated and fur coat that is super soft and glossy.

Here are a few easy ways to add Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Straight in spoon –

The easiest and most widely used way to feed coconut oil to your pets is by giving them a spoonful. You may want to ask your veterinary the right proportion of oil that can be fed to your little champ according to its size, weight and age.

According to the general recommendations, ¼ to 1 tsp for small puppies or initially for the grown-ups is fine. 1 tsp of it is generally followed everyday dose for all dogs, all breeds who are habituated to intake edible coconut oil. The main catch is that your furry baby should develop the taste of the oil before you start feeding it to them daily.

In the food bowl –

The second but again one of the most common ways to feed your baby coconut oil is simply adding it to its food bowl. Even if you have been feeding your pet commercial food, it is a great idea to make it nutritionally dense simply by adding a tsp of Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to the food bowl. This is a great way to feed it to the little ones who are not yet comfortable with the taste of the oil and most likely will not figure out its presence when added to the usual food bowl.  

Oral health and hygiene –

Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is edible and thus can be used to clean your pooches’ teeth and gum. Since we cannot brush the teeth of these small folks regularly like we do for ourselves, they stand a massive chance of building up dirt and tartar easily. If not dealt with, the small oral challenges due to filth and grime inside the mouth may become intense and cause a lot of pain to the furry friends.

Invest in a nice tooth brush, dab it in the coconut oil and softly brush your baby’s teeth in different angles. Doing this frequently, in addition to cleaning their teeth and gum may also help fresher breath. 

Quick recipes –

A great alternative to their everyday food are some quick recipes you can do up in your kitchen and in jiffy. It doesn’t take much of your time, effort or energy to feed them goodness straight out of your kitchen. Whether mix vegetables with chicken broth, a simple roast, cooked & mashed pumpkin delicacy with some rice or just about anything your doggo loves, add a tsp of Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to make it a more nutritious meal for them!

Treats –

Treats are extremely important for our pets. These serve as motivation while they are being trained and tricked. We know how crucial it is to have a motivated companion. If you love to craft your own treats for your pets, you can add a dash of Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to them and be assured of absolutely paw licking delicious and healthy snack for your little one.  Make sure you do not feed them treats beyond 10% of their daily meal quota!

If you can think of other ways to add Nutribles Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to your pets’ lifestyle, do let us know. You may also share with us some quick and creative food recipes that other pet parents would like to make too for their furry babies.

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