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How to make this Monsoon super engaging for Pets at home?

by Petoska IN 25 Jul 2023

It is imperative to keep your pets indoors during rainy season for a plenty of reasons. Firstly, rains present a number of risks, such as flooded regions and slippery surfaces, which could lead to mishaps. Secondly, contact with murky water may result in unpleasant skin conditions in pets. In addition, stormy, rainy weather can make pets feel uneasy or frightened, causing stress and behavioural changes.

You may instead choose to stay home as much as possible for your pet’s safety and comfort. Wondering how?

Here are 10 ways to turbo-charge your indoor time with pets during monsoons-

1.  Slow feeder –

Imagine you have a bored pet at home who isn’t able to go outdoors as frequently in monsoons. Do you see them become anxious and destructive because they do not have much activities to do? Want to make it easier? Introduce a slow feeder to your pet. These puzzle bowls get them to challenge digging into their favourite treats that excites them. Additionally, your pets would be eating slowly and mindfully, thus giving way to better digestion.

These bowls may also help redirect bad behaviour and mentally stimulate your pets.

2.  Lick mats –

Mentally stimulated doggos behave better and reduce destructive tendencies in them. Slathering a lick mat with your pet’s favourite sticky treat like peanut butter or any othetr may help lessen stress levels, generate excitement and create mental stimulation. This can really help when their exercise is limited or don’t always tire them out. A lick mat may keep them engaged and also help them redirect their energies into doing something better.

3.  Cat tree condo –

If your kitties cannot step out in rains and have trouble staying indoors most of the times, get home a real staycation for them. This tree acts as a condo or an activity center inside of house with all things kitties love. A hammock, basket, scratching posts, cat caves, perches, scratch resistant sisal rope. Whatever age or size your kitty is, its going to love it.

Allow them to stay stimulated both physically and mentally with activities like climbing, clawing, resting and exercising.

4.  Long lasting healthy dog treats –

Staying back at home your pets may demand to eat more. They may stalk you for your food. At such times healthy treats may come to your rescue. Right treats for dogs not only keep them occupied effectively but also keep them healthy. One of the most loved chew sticks is Nutribles Himalayan Dog Chew. These are long lasting and absolutely delicious. You can offer them to your pets guilt free since these chew sticks are rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, iron & omega 3. Also this treat is non GMO that’s totally free of preservatives, artificial colours, and artificial flavours.

5.  Rope toys –

These are a great source of exercise for your pet dogs at home when they cannot step out. This process gives way to physical and mental stimulation. You may pay tug, fetch on your staircase, or simply let them chew and gnaw on the toy. Not only that these awesome toys also support their oral health as they chew on it. Generally rope toys help to remove filth out of their mouth.

You may also hide kibble in between the folds of your pet’s rope toy. This will keep them engaged for longer. Ensure the rope toys are made of non-toxic and pet friendly fibre.

6.  Rubber toy –

Rubber toys, so much like the rope ones have the same benefits on your pets. Researchers say that your doggo can actually see just the shades of yellow, blue and grey. You may feel free to get them these natural rubber or latex toys that may help them direct their energies.

As they are able to invest their energies into chewing their toys, they will also come out of wrong chewing habits like chewing your bedding, sofa, footwear or wires.

7.  Photo-shoot –

Photo-shoots are the best way to create some fun memories with your pets. When you cannot step outdoors you can still ensure maximizing fun with your furry pets inside. Have nontoxic props and wrap up the props immediately after the shoot. It’s a lot of engagement for all in the family.

8.  Obedience training –

Learn the art of training your pooch. Enable them to learn small skills at home where they can follow your commands and listen to you. This activity also stimulates them mentally and of course physically too as you get them to do many things. To begin with, you may want to toss their toys and get them to fetch the same.

9.  Talking and playing –

There is nothing like human and pet engaging together. Studies show that pets love it when their human parents talk to them. You can tell them about your day and things that you feel they may relate to. Ask them to sit down and listen to your stories, they will indeed sit and respond to some words. Also, playing with them or simply chasing each other strengthens the bond between the owner and the pet. Find a place like the deck, passage, staircase if it is raining outdoors.

10.  Massage –

Massaging is another great way to bond with pets. Not only does it you’re your pets but also releases happy hormones in you. Your physical touch may calm and soothe them. Choose Bathright Organic Coconut Oil for Pets. This oil is especially formulated for pets and has no artificial ingredients.

In addition, it may enhance blood circulation and moisturize fur coat, skin, paws, elbows and nose skin.

Want to respond to this article with more fun ways to keep your pets entertained indoors? Reply back to us and we would be happy to enlighten other pet families with your ideas.

Disclaimer - The information contained in this blog is for informational purposes only and the readers may use or apply the same at their will. We believe in the uniqueness of every pet and its parent. Therefore not every piece of information and idea presented here may be suited to all.


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